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Interesting arrives in Helsinki! The idea of Interesting events is pretty straightforward: fifteen or so professionals from fields like research, arts and design share their recent interests in 10 minutes. Interesting is based on an idea of a British journalist and media activist Russell Davies. Since his first events in London, Interesting has spread to Amsterdam, Portland and New York, only to name a few.

Interesting Helsinki is programmed and hosted by Tommi Laitio and Jenna Sutela. The event is made possible with the support of  Artnet and Artprint. The look and feel of Interesting Helsinki has been designed by Kokoro&Moi.

The speakers of the first Helsinki event are:

Hella Hernberg

Sasha Huber ja Petri Saarikko
Graphic designers and artists, S-H-Y

Minna Joenniemi
Host and Journalist for Finnish Broadcasting Company´s Cultural Programmes (Runoraati)

Miska Knapek
Media Artist

Susanna Leinonen
Choreographer, Susanna Leinonen Company

Meri-Tuuli Lindström
Catering Entrepeneur, Movie Catering Nakki Oy

Kiti Müller
Research Professor, Neurologist Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Heli Mäenpää
Photographers´Agent, Viewmasters

Pasi Mäenpää
Sociologist, Consumption Researcher, University of Helsinki

Riitta Nikula
Professor of Art History, Retired, University of Helsinki

Teemu Suviala
Graphic Designer, Kokoro & Moi

Ilkka Taipale
M.D., City Council Member in Helsinki
(valitettavasti Ilkka joutui peruuttamaan osallistumisensa EU:n Ukrainan-delegaation vuoksi, uusi puhuja luvassa pian)

Jeremiah Tesolin
Art Director, Nokia Brand Management


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